At Rose City Solutions we use the most popular blogging platform on the internet, WordPress.
The platform has many benefits, including a very wide user base, along with very active developers. Together these two allow an incredibly robust blogging and CMS tool. You can purchase a theme and after configuring it to your liking, begin posting content.

We leverage multiple tools including firewalls and remote site scanning. We monitor for attacks and alert you to an impending attack. We install our customized tools and use the firewalls in the data center to mitigate what we can. Keep in mind that an attacker can usually use unpublished attacks along with gigantic botnets. These can compromise the best sites, so the next thing that must be paired with a good defense strategy is regular backups. We offer two tiers of WordPress Defence Systems.

  • Basic Package

    Monthly Backups – Remotely downloaded and completed up to 3 times a month upon request – Customized security plugins, we monitor the latest attacks and use a combination of the best tools – Manage Updates, applying the latest security patches and plugin updates.

  • Professional Package

    All that is provided by the Basic Package – Weekly Backups – Remotely downloaded and completed up to 10 times a month upon request – Manage theme updates, this is limited to a maximum of 1 hour of time, additional time is billed hourly – Network Shield – Our entire network of clients logging attacks feeds into our firewalls.