Rose City Solutions and Computer Solutions

Rose City Solutions provides enterprise security, virus detection and removal, and system support.Looking at two computers in you’re home, or 100 at your office, Rose City Solutions has your solution.

  • Business Networking

    Today’s businesses require IT as a utility – IT that is as available as water or power and can be paid for as such. If you just need it to work, no questions then Rose City Solutions is your solution. It is costly and challenging to acquire the technical skills needed to maintain high-availability of your mission-critical infrastructure. At Rose City Solutions, we investment in people and technology to deliver superior IT performance and the highest levels of services to our customers.

  • IT Services

    Consulting: Rose City Solutions helps our clients develop IT strategies based on the industry scenario and specific needs/constraints. We also assist them in optimization of processes and continuous support/ maintenance.

  • Systems Maintenance

    Rose City Solutions maintains computer systems at all levels of technology for businesses. So if you have phone systems or security equipment, Rose City Solutions has the solution. We also offer contracts to extend the factory warranties as well as routine maintenance.


Microsoft has a long tradition of providing software that works with a large number of other software on the market. If you have a proprietary piece of software that is only available on Windows then you may be required to keep some Windows software.


Macintosh has spent ten’s of thousands of man hours making OS X have a uniform interface. If you need a solution that will offer totally uniform interface with ease of use, without respect to cost.


If your business needs the best in speed, reliability, security and immunity to viruses, then Linux may be the best choice for you. With Linux you can get extreme speed in web hosting and the best in security. If you need to reduce your total cost of ownership for your technology take a long look at Linux.